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Saturday was proof that kids are not weak little things to be protected from the world.

On Saturday Murf and I had a birthday party to attend for a friend. The entertainment was not kid friendly so I paid a babysitter to watch Moose and Squirrel . The babysitter is a friend of my 19 yo lives in Chicago. She is a junior in high school. Her younger brother is Moose 's best friend and came along to

Anyway as they meet Murf who was at the house with me. Of course J who is 9 asks who Murf is. Both my boys piped up with this is Murf my moms bf. Of course J asks how can you mom have a bf she is married . Moose answers you love both your pets right. J answers yes. He then says you like more than one toy right. J says yes. Moose says you have more than one friend so you can love more than one person. Squirrel pipes up with yeah and he is the fun

Made me smile .
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