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Talking How to Add a New Poly Dating/Social Networking Site to the List?

Hi, Everyone!

I wasn't sure where I'm supposed to post this - there's a new free website for polyamory, polyfidelity and open relationships called

We have created in order to bring polyamory into the mainstream by providing a more normal family and relationship based site without pornography.

Our site allows you to make groups for your specific area, which you can then link back to your own main group's home page outside our site. BeyondTwo also allows members to create individual profiles that can also have links. You can make a profile for yourself your group, your partners, etc.

All features are 100% free to use and include:
1) Friending - the ability to friend other members
2) Videos
3) Pictures
4) Blogs
5) Forums
6) Gifts – members can send each other gifts on the site
7) Privacy features – allows members to set their profile to the level of privacy they choose, whether it be for only people on their friends list to view or everyone on the site. Profiles alone cannot be viewed without setting up a free account on the site.

The site is new but growing in the three months it has been alive and we would appreciate it if you could take a look and if you like it (which we hope you do!), spread the word, and join and/or have your members join.

If you have any comments or suggestions we would appreciate that as well, as we are always looking for new ways to improve our member experience. You can message admin or me directly; my profile on there is under “Ginger Snap.”

Thank you!
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