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Hello Magdyln,

To answer your question, while desiring a Paganish lover for rites is a significant reason, it is not her only one. It gets a little confusing to make distinctions, since Im discovering as Bromios indicated that my concept of what is religious does not always much hers, as she is devoted to Freya a Norse goddess who is fertility oriented and has explained that her being sexual is pleasing to her and her goddess.

FWIW, we have a good marriage and much enjoy our special time, which is usually anywhere from once to three times per day. I confess that I could still be happy with less, and she desires more and possibly much more.

While she briefly connected with a Heathen man who is not very local, and it looked like a good fit, something changed and things stopped before they got physical. She is communicating with a couple of men on OKC who are aware that shes poly oriented and looking, but neither are Pagan so will guess that these will remain casual. Both her Norse Heathen group and Druid Grove know of her poly intentions and support her search. Well see if anything develops as a result.

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