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Default little advice on jealous

So I haven't been on in a while, things a pretty good in poly land. My spouse has some women interested in him, and the boyfriend and I have been together about a year. My current trouble, is trying to deal with my own unexpected jealous. It took me a while to come to terms with the boyfriend being married as I was new to poly, she and I don't get along and that's settled down and is OK. But the more I tried to become accustom to her, the more they were drifting apart. Currently, she has a bf and he has me and they have little interaction (don't want to give too much details on them).

So he has started dating and its bothering me. I don't like to think of him dating other women, giving his time and attention to someone else when he already has time with me, and is trying to work things out with the wife. It sounds like a lot and I fear if something falls by the wayside, it'll be me. Im also hankering for us to be fluid bonded, cause I'm the only one he's sleeping with (this is ok with my spouse as long as its just me and he uses condoms with others). Maybe these are two different issues, maybe the are tied together.

I dunno, thoughts? advice? just need a poly sounding board. be gentle. lol.
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