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It wasn't a desire to reconnect. It was more of a do I say I'm sorry or what.

So at the Cards Against Humanity Party ended up learning a few things. SB and I did some sensory depervation play and it was pretty intense. All I knew was that we were going to have that play happen but nothing about what would go on with it. He took that time to see where two of my more or less muddled boundaries are (things I've mentioned either have a mix of a fear and curiosity of them or things I've mentioned I don't know how they would affect me and a desire to know).

Knives: Let's say my curiosity and interest in them is a million times more intense than my fear of them. Definitely something I'm wanting to do more play in. What was used as knives for this was a credit card, fingernail, and a dull knife with a sharp point. But I thought all three were knives when I couldn't see them.

Multiple people topping: I can handle two people topping me at a time. After that I start to freak out and get to panic state. I'd rather just have one but this will allow Woodsmith on occasion to assist with play that SB and I are doing which is a really nice thing. This will also allow both SB and I to learn/experience things he hasn't spent as much time on with someone who has more experience in the safety/intricacies of things.

Spent some time with KB today. She was having a rough day in relation to other things in her life (at the moment all three of her partners are having NRE to some level of degree, SB with me; NT and her girlfriend with each other) and has been feeling neglected by her girlfriend in regards to her NRE. So we hung out, watched SVU, and colored. It made her happy to spend time with me and I was happy to spend time with her.
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