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We have known them for 8 months now and spent most weekends together.

I was coincidentally offered an amazing job 10 minutes from their house. They offered us to live with them and we accepted as property prices in the area are high. We are moving in but we're totally open to it being short term until we find our own place we are just going to see how it goes.

Either way, it's a big jump but has serious economic benifits for us both if it will work out. There are zero strings holding us there and we all think it's important to maintain our relationships over potential financial benifits.

We have all done a lot of reading and exploring and learning since my first post and yes there are a lot of unknowns but let's see how it goes

Oh yes, we are fully aware that living together is not a requirement of a quad...umm we've kinda been doing it for the past 7-8 months without living together.
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