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Default Hi All New Here

Hello all I am LadyMoon and I am new here and to polyamory. It was kind of an accidental set up. An ex-boyfriend from way back in my past looked me up on Facebook and I accepted his friendship. I fully told my husband about all of this from the word go. In our chats catching up and walking down memory lane we ended up falling back in love. Yet I still love my husband more than words can say.

And yes I did have a sexual relationship with the boyfriend and I was also honest with my husband about that as well. Rather than getting mad, my husband and the boyfriend sat down and had a talk. They both agreed that they would both rather share me than lose me. So now I have two very wonderful and caring men in my life.

We are very much so in the beginning of this and I am just having such a rush of emotions. Both men are becoming very close friends themselves and are both working with each other to make this work. However I could use as much help and advice in this as I can.
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