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Thank you for all the excellent advice. I think everyone, particularly gala girl is right. I think I need to start treating people I might date more respectfully. Honestly, I'm new to dating and really still figuring it out. I am absolutely new t internet dating - they didn't have the intent when I got married.

I find the habits of the people I have dated thus far very exhausting. Only one guy ever texted me after a day to ask if I got home safely. If they are not attracted to me or vice verse (even) I never hear from them again.

Maybe I'm giving the vibes of "hook up" more than a relationship? I'm not sure. Most of the guys chat for while. The conversation turns to sex. Then we always go out to a bar...wait...something doesn't sound right. What am I dping wrong? As I write this, I am thinking I act like someone looking for a hook-up, even tho I'm not. How do you guys date?
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