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How long it's been since he sent you an email?

In your OP, you mentioned he might not have an access to get in touch with you... Could this be the reason he hasn't emailed you? Do you have other means to contact? i.e. via cell phone/text?

I don't know what you can do at this point. You sent him an email, so the ball is in his court. Maybe wait for a while you think is reasonable for YOU since I don't know when he is coming back....then if he doesn't write back, move on with your daily life without spending too much time thinking about it.

It may not be easy, but thinking too much of anything, in my opinion, is not a good idea. I have tendency to overthink/worry so it's something I need to work on personally.

As for picture sharing, I very much dislike doing that. I know I will form some preconceived idea even when I try not to...just by how he looks on the picture. I prefer to meet people blind date style. I met my boyfriend (whom I met online) for coffee without exchanging pictures.

Oh, hello everyone! I'm Toruchan from Northshore/Massachusetts. I've been enjoying this forum for a while. So much great information.
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