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I'm always amazed when I hear people claim to have feelings for someone they've never met in person. I feel there's way too much room for fantasy and projection when you haven't spent time face to face. Plus, for me, touch and smell is so much part of the equation.

I recently had a woman I was talking to online and by phone say "I just can't stop thinking about you," and I was uncomfortable with that. Really, she was just fantasizing about a woman she's never met who looks like pictures she's seen of me, has my name and has the same job as me. I mean, the woman she's thinking about isn't really me, how could it be when she's never seen how I move, doesn't know what my hair smells like, or if my touch is strong or soft?

Personally, I have no interest in lingering long in the message/phone/skype stage. I flake off if someone doesn't find time to meet face to face after a week or two, as I see no point in interacting daily with someone I haven't met yet. Like the guy you've been talking to, I would probably stop emailing/txting once a face-to-face meeting was set up, because the face-to-face will determine whether the relationship continues or not.

I don't think New Relationship Energy is the right term here--a couple of weeks worth of email and one upcoming date isn't a relationship. New Attraction Energy?

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