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Last night...dum de dum, bit bored...contemplating texting Prof and saying I would do it, should i have a shower, could be fun, then my phone beeps with the message from SouthernGal. Just what I needed, reality check, I watched Dracula instead. Feel good today that I didn't.

Then my period started, so I start second guessing again, was I just being PMT sensitive? Should I give it a bit more time?

Then I log on here and see message from NYCIndie. I still haven't got the quote thing down but much you say is very true. It helps to have your own thoughts reflected back with an independent view point.

The Me.2 profile wasn't set up to be sneaky, it was a genuine profile that I hadn't put any pics on. Responding to them and not saying it was me was sneaky. I was surprised neither of them twigged to it, too self-centered.

Why haven't I dumped Kip yet too? Yes, he is bossy, he has strong opinions on what I do. I think about it often.
I have had 3 other lovers in the time I have known him. Br was a total ass, Yo was flakey and not good in bed, Prof was too hierarchical. I have had a few dates that didn't go anywhere. Through all of them I have maintained Kip. I am struggling to put it into words. The pros are still outweighing the cons, though the cons are most definitely there.
I don't know, I will think more. I tried typing out a few ideas but none of it is clear.
Me: mid 40s female.
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