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Originally Posted by alibabe_muse View Post
@ Magdlyn - there's no "need" per se for fluid bonding with ldr guy, only just letting him know that if he wants that, he must be tested, otherwise, he'll be wrapped.
Oh, well, generally, I don't fluid bond until at least 6 months into a relationship, because until then, how well do you know and trust them to stay "wrapped" with any other partner they may have or get? A clean test one day can be blown the next if he "forgets" or "gets drunk and makes a mistake," or just isn't that trustworthy all around. I guess I test a guy's self control by seeing how well he uses condoms with ME, and an indicator of how consistently he'd use them with other partners if he was bareback with me.

I swear, some guys act like they are doing you a favor to use a condom. I even had one new guy tell me, "I brought you a present," as he took out a condom, like I was supposed to thank him or something. !!! Doesn't he care about his own health, and the health of his primary? Sheesh.
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