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hello, just an update and perhaps a conclusion to my story. after a few days of small talk while she is away for the holidays, B has asked for space and a break from our relationship. she felt as if the communication and support that i was trying to put forth was very smothering and gave her added pressure. i am very sorry that it came across this way, and i would probably spend countless hours thinking about it. yet, i am not too surprised by this result, as her break up with T has been affecting her a lot, and has made her requestion a lot in her own life. she is in her words "very fucked up and broken". i thought that i could be a reference point for her, someone that could keep her above water and support her through it, but it's just one of those things that end up out of your control sometimes. my heart is a little broken, and as much as i try to stay optimistic, i am not sure that this is a situation that you can truly come back from, especially when it happened very shortly into the start of our relationship. we'll see of course. i want to thank you for all of your advice and your help in understanding this. i truly appreciate all of the wisdom and sharing that you've done with me.
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