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I dunno. I can still count on two hands the number of sex partners I have had in my life though. M was the only one who could go for hours without losing steam. We will see, I suppose! That isn't exactly a large sample size. lol

B messaged with me some today - he will be back from his holiday trip on Sunday. He wanted to let me know. Ok.

C3 reappeared today too, and reinstated the Monday get together. He then messaged me and said he wanted to talk with me then. Ok.

He had re-invited M, and M clicked that he would be attending, so I messaged M to ask what was up with that. Because he had told me he wouldn't attend. He said it was an accident, that he wasn't going, but he WAS invited. Sigh. I told him I would prefer if he let me be, because I don't want to spend that day crying in my van after the long drive it takes to get to the game shop. I also let him know that I prolly would be ok, but to seriously not be a jerk about it. He didn't respond. I have no idea why he would show up to just upset me. I didn't think he was the type, and I hope I am not wrong. I told him I should be ok by the middle of next week, but to please just give me a little time before showing up where we would have to interact. What would be his motivation? Ugh.
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