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Originally Posted by EdibleStrange View Post
Hi. I'm Strange.
Hi I am ariakas on here...

I am an introvert with a lot of love to give. Kind of ironic...I love loving other people, but when it comes to my own personal rechange time, I would rather read a book for a bit or blog or cook (alone!) than have cuddly lovey time. I want to give to the people I love; I want their lives to be better because of my presence. That may sound insecure. And I dunno...maybe it is. Is it insecure to want to make an impact on the lives of other people? I don't want to mean everything to everyone. But I would like to mean something to the people who mean everything to me.
Introverts can have a tonne of love, they just may express it differently than someone who is an extrovert. That is quite a task you have alloted yourself. Meaning a little something to everyone...

Which, I suppose, brings me to the next fact about myself:
I talk too goddamn much. And I'm kind of acerbic when I do it. I try my best to be self aware and not-a-total-cunt, but sometimes, I slip up. It's not intentional. I work in kitchens. Telling someone to fuck off and die in a fire is slang for I LOVE YOU where I come from (Kitchen Hell...I come from Kitchen Hell)
Most excellent. My wife was a kitchen rat. Still would be if it wasn't for the insane hours, alcohol, drugs and little pay/respect ...she misses it dearly and was a pastry chef for over a decade. Most of my friends are cooks/chefs and its a crowd I do enjoy hanging out with. Very in your face (amazing how introverts explode in the right situations )

Actually got to watch the finale of Kitchen Nightmare at Araxi and meet the new head chef that won last year. Quite a party at the time. Damn good restaurant to, unfortunately I am not rich enough to eat there often. Ironically I picked the winner in the first episode. Dave Levey is...very whistler. So Whistler its ridiculous. No one else could have handled the atmosphere of this town hahaha

Welcome to the forum...

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