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Part I
Don't know if I can stick with the pair of them till the 8th. I have been tossing and turning all night, which never happens. When I stress, I sleep, I definitely do not lay in bed with thoughts racing.
Ex flakes, surprise but offers to do Sat through Monday morning instead.
Okc guy is fine with that we reschedule to Saturday lunch.
Let's go back a few weeks, I am asking Prof about weekends, we have not had one Fri or Sat night in 9 months. He raises the fact that S is undergoing treatment and he will be with her every weekend from now until forever. Shame on me for asking was implied too.She was due a round of treatment yesterday.
I text him and ask if he will be back in town on Sunday night, "highly unlikely" is the response. Hey, I need a shag.
One hour later comes the question.. am I free Sunday afternoon? I say yes, kids are away for the weekend. Am I free for an FMF? And here is a pic of the other F. Pic of F in his playroom arrives. He was already in town when he said he couldn't do Sunday.
The other F 's name is B. She was vetoed a long while back but Prof asked for her to be taken of the list as she was coming to town over the winter break. I ask if he is in town now..Friday evening? Yes he is. He has a 3 bedroom house with one bed. I ask how that is going to work, am I staying over with him? He replies that is optional. B is staying for the weekend. WFT??????? I don't get one night in 9 months and suddenly he is free for the whole weekend? The offer is, I get to join them for the FMF and go home. Unicorn! except I am not bi. Then he offers to book a hotel room so I can stay too. I actually agreed and then went to bed.
Then the thoughts race...I don't get a weekend night, I am being added to the couple, I was really expected to play and leave. He left S immediately post treatment to be with B but would not even leave 2 days later to be with me. Hasn't made time for me in 9 months.
Actions speak louder than words.
I got up and sent a text saying ..."Don't book a room, just do your own thing, have fun." Very restrained. He replied that they are sitting in a bar planning the evening. " Are you really out?" I didn't reply.
I know he does hierarchical relationships. He has a primary, and I am secondary, but apparently I got bumped down even further to "available hole" level. Thanks, but no thanks.
I don't want to see him ever again; talk, text, nothing.
Me: mid 40s female.
Mr Dom: late 40s. 2 years. in a rough patch
Mr Tulip: early 40s. very recent lover.
Mr Eeyore: early 50s recently recycled former lover.
Prof: late 50s. still around 5 years on.
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