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Things are actually ok. I am sad, but the crying jag I thought I would have last night never materialized. I had a one hour phone conversation with my best friend and it was super uplifting and positive and it built me up. I slept like the dead last night.

I woke up to 35 new visits to my profile on OKC and several new messages. So that was great too. Actually, I found a 96% match on my own and I messaged that guy. Super hot and smart, great job and clever. It was kinda spooky - a lot of our explanations on the questions were word-for-word the same! So, yeah. Had to message that guy.

D has been super supportive. I think he is happy that he won't have to deal with my emotions being all over the place because of M. I seriously had never felt so confused and vulnerable in my entire life. Not allowing someone to treat me like an option again!
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