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Sounds good. I appreciate your taking my advice in the spirit intended, which is not always easy if it's not something comfortable to hear. Once Hubby has good solid reason to believe that his needs will be met, and that he won't disappear from your life and heart in preference to someone else, I think you'll find he can be surprisingly open to this polyamorous idea. Continue to work and communicate with him and I think you'll be fine.

As you look around at our various threads and boards, I think you'll get insights, and new questions will occur to you as well. That's all a part of what we're here for. The Life stories and blogs board may be a particularly interesting place to start. But there's likely to be hidden gems awaiting you in each and all of the boards. So have a look around, feel welcome and be at home. Indeed you are among friends.

Glad to hear your latest talk with Hubby went well. I hope that trend will continue.

Kevin T.
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