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So despite the fact they aren't really a part of my life (particularly poly wise) this did affect me just because of the awkwardness I had today with it.

Woodsmith had me join him to get the last of our things from the old place (bikes). Because of my telling him Lamain had posted things in a couple of social media that had me really concerned for her emotional state. We get there and she wasn't at home but Seven was. And then we find out that Lamain had left him the night before and he didn't try to stop her.

After that I pretty much stayed by the car. Had no idea what to say or do in regards to that news.

Tomorrow going to play Cards Against Humanity with people from a local kink group. While there SB, KB, and I are going to work out the little final details for the demo we are doing NYE. SB and I are also going to spend some time discussing our D/s element for the relationship.
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