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Yeah, we just broke up. He dumped me. It was as good of a breakup as anyone could want I suppose.

He said he ultimately can't deal with the fact that I slept with B so quickly and unprotected, and that trust was broken. I told him I thought he couldn't deal with me dating other people, period. He said that could be true, but it wouldn't be something that would be fair to say.

He had a date set up for tonight with someone. That was how the conversation started. I told him I was happy for him - and I am - because not getting responses on OKC was such a huge source of stress for him. I am glad that he was able to get a jolt of self esteem, because he needed it. I also told him though, that I thought it was terrible timing, because he was already failing at making me feel valued and loved and I wasn't getting what I needed. So, how would adding another person into the mix be a good idea?

I was just like, ugh. He then called me to break up. We had a good, honest conversation. He just isn't poly, I don't think. At least, not good poly. Couple privilege was rife in his household, in his relationship with me. He was jealous with me dating others. His anxiety couldn't handle it. I definitely fucked up by having sex with B. I realized that right away, and was up front about it, and I am getting tested next week. Nothing I can do about that but move forward.

My friends have been very supportive - I have such great friends!
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