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Heh, we didn't get snow. Just a dusting several days before Christmas, which melted in a few hours. This part of the world appears to be rainy and well above freezing for much or most of the Winter, with maybe a five-month Sunny season in and around Summer. It's very green here.

We love it here. We fell in love with Seattle a few years ago, and decided we wanted to move there. Now we have a newish roomy place in a 55/older complex (We don't quite qualify but they're supposed to have a 20% under-55 populace), no kids under 18 and it's just quiet and peaceful with nice landscaping.

My older brother and his wife (and her daughter, and her daughter's boyfriend) live nearby and we can now go and see them much more often than once a year. We get along with them probably better than anyone else I know, so this is a wonderful blessing. For years we had talked about moving to Utah (where I was born), but the old neighborhood has changed so much and so many important family members have moved away or at least become preoccupied with their own situations. I feel better residing in a State that's much more progressive than Utah.

I reckon we'd have not gotten much snow in Albuquerque either. Again a dusting at the most and soon melted, compliments of its clear sky, abundant Sun, and somewhat cooler but still above freezing daytime temps. The mountains there get some snow; that's about all. Course I guess you could count Mt. Rainier's snow from Seattle, but then you could count that in the Summer too with all the glaciers and its year-round snowcap (taller than anything in Colorado, and that's with the surrounding lands at just above sea level).

Yeah it's fun to contemplate the reversal of the seasons in the Southern Hemisphere. If I ever realize my dream of visiting Antarctica, I'll probably be going there in January which is rather counter-intuitive. Speaking of which, I wonder if you're far enough down under to see the Southern Lights? That'd sure be cool. Haven't seen the Northern Lights here yet (with somewhat scarce opportunities under usually overcast heavens), but hope to see them now and then.

As for, you're quite welcome to lurk as much as to post, so lurk away and be happy. Good luck with your rascally teen-ager!

Kevin T.
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