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I am happy for you! How are you enjoying Seattle? Are you and your family getting settled and adjusting? Here is to new beginnings and fresh starts.

I am also envious. I want some snow. It was pushing 90 degrees [Fahrenheit] on Christmas. Australians and their seasons are reversed. The only version of a "white" Christmas I had was the sand on the beach and the icing on cake.

Thank you. I feel like I have made the right decisions as well. It has not hit me, yet. She fits right in like she has always been here. We are parenting and adopting a 14 year old. Dear, dear, dear!

It has been an honour to be on here and to be in the company of such amazing men and women. I have been catching up on the blogs and threads. I have not offered any advice in the relationships section because I feel a little rusty. It feels like I have not been actively poly in about 20 years. It is really sad. In the meantime, I am just going to read and play catch up.
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