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Originally Posted by kdt26417 View Post
Exciting news about the foster caring thing, but I can't remember which age belongs to which child. Post a little scorecard here sometime for me ...

I'm really glad to hear about how well everything's come out for you, and I really like the way you validate both monogamy and polyamory. Now if the rest of the world could just follow suit.

I, too, think 2014 is looking like a good year. I hope that'll be true for all of us.

Thanks for sharing your journey with us, and I wish you all the best. Remember, you're always welcome here if/when you should ever need us.

Kevin T.
Thank you.

The world cannot handle poly, yet. I definitely still believe poly works, so I will never invalidate it. Twelve years is certainly nothing to sneeze on. It was either/or for me. I gave myself an ultimatum. Poly or expanding our family. I know others can do it with ease, but I have been there, done that, and I have walked this path. I wrote the scripts on the wall, so these walls are not about to be talking again.

I knew my time constraints, and I did not have the resources (a la extra time) to balance a second relationship/dating, pregnancy/new baby/foster child, and maintain my career, the schedule we have, marriage counselling, our marriage, quality couple time, bonding time with both of my children, maintaining the household, ballet practise, parent association meetings, me time, anything extra with a new child, and basic sanity. I could not squeeze a relationship in without a new child, so I was not crazy enough to push myself to attempt to maintain both.

Even if we had chosen to go the biological route, I would have closed the door to poly. I remember how bat shit crazy it was during my pregnancy and after our son was born. Poly should have been phased out after the birth of the first child. I am chalking it up to knowing better now, so I am doing better.

I will post on other threads from time to time. I miss posting here and the people. November was busy, busy, busy with finalising the accreditation and preparing for summer break.

I do hope 2014 will be good for you. Are the plans to relocate still in motion?
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