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Originally Posted by ak2381 View Post
............. I just feel like my emotions are always on the tip of the iceburg and very hard to control right now which makes our marriage very difficult. Is this normal to let ur emtions run away? Any advice there?
My personal perspective............

I think the culture we live in encourages emotionality. It's labeled as some twisted form of freedom ?

Personally (only) I find it self defeating. It's very difficult to have any kind of meaningful/productive conversation with someone who is emotionally out of control. You can't get down to facts when every word triggers some additional chemical signal (emotion).

I'm going to stay in the place I've learned seems a better place to be. A place where emotions are laid aside for there own separate acknowledgment and facts and reality get first priority.

I've just seen to many rash actions leading to unfortunate results from allowing emotions to hold sway over words & actions.

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