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I am glad the Pope is bringing back the Catholic's Church's focus on economic justice. I disagree on so many issues with the Church but the Church's critiques of economics, particulary unrestrained capitalism and socialism without democracy, is one where I largely agree with them. It's been a much missed viewpoint buried by all the anti-abortion, anti-gay rights focus.

I am also glad the Pope has changed the tone of the Papacy to a more welcoming, less judgmental one. That's welcome.

However, he is not changing any of the doctrines. The Church is still anti-gay marriage and anti-abortion and anti-birth control. That is unlikely to change anytime soon, even under this Pope. He's a tone changer, which is important, but he seems unlikely to challenge doctrine.

And I do not know how he can address the horrific abuse by priests, and the equally horrifying fact that their supervisors - bishops, archbishops and Cardinals - almost all universely protected the Church and not children without generating massive upheaval. That upheaval is necessary but it really needs a huge sweep out of current leaders all over the world. This was a universal problem for the Church. It' wasn't confined to the US. And I don't think they can address it without coming face to face with their generally negative views on sex. And those views are a cornerstone of Catholic thought. So between the political costs and the doctrinal challenges, I dont' see much substantive happening on the abuse issue.

I would love to be wrong though.
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