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Originally Posted by shurikenlove View Post
So I'm supposed to throw away our relationship because there's pregnancy and nowthat the baby is here that the baby is patchYuri our and we have kids? That's not very good advice. And a new mom's feofelings are very important. Anyone who says hi os otherwise has never dealt with post partum depression. I loveinvolved r than life, and I love G or N wouldn't ein rheir life en be here. But G told me I was co-primary not secondary and that L was on board with that. I simply need advice on how to deal with this the right way. I don't want bad feelings to fester among us. Obviously, I want what's best for N. Broken hearted parents is not high on the list.
I think you aren't being treated like a partner. He's shown preferences all through your pregnacy and now and now that the baby is here hes not giving your child equal time. I would step away and let him be a coparent instead of a romantic partner because it sounds like she is going to find any reason to interfere at least if you arrnt involved romantically your child could have a dad half the time instead of little snippets when the wife allows him to go over. I think a proper custody arrangement is a splendid idea.
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