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I am actually offended that a moderator will tolerate the use of the term for something which is "...illegal in just about any jurisdiction you care to name...", polygamy, polygamist or polygamous in place of or in discussion of the topic polyamory but feels the need to point out their discord with my use of the term " a lot". Way to pick your battles, and I'm sure I'll be banned for this but really? The forum is called and you don't bother to point out to your members that polygamy is different if in no other way than being ILLEGAL. But when I offer a little assistance you want to point out your uneasiness with my use of the term "a lot"? Here's one definition from Merriam-Webster;
6 a : a number of associated persons : set <fell in with a rough lot>

And then you want to count the uses of the word as if that makes it any less significant. Well I did a rough estimate and by the way you missed one (the term polygamous was misspelled polyganous). By my estimate there were no more than 24 posters in this thread and 3 used a form of polygamy which is roughly more than 12% and when speaking in terms of using a word for an illegal act in place of one that isn't, you might call that many or just say "a lot".
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