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I prefer it when people are themselves whether it's in person or online.

The coarse language doesn't really bother me, per se, since I use it myself when speaking & I've learned to filter it when reading it so it doesn't get in the way of the message I'm getting from what was written.

I don't write with coarse language very often because I find that it DOES get in the way of the message I'm trying to convey if I do.

I love the word 'cuntalicious' though . Could you please give me your definition?

There's a semi-funny story attached to why I asked.

Several months ago Possibility was calling his supervisor a bitch and not being nice about it. I pointed out to him that, in my mind, bitch is an acronym for Babe In Total Control of Herself. I've ruined the word for him now, lol. *weeping crocodile tears* He challenged me to do the same thing with cunt & I've been trying to ever since.

I want to claim some of the derogatory terms for myself and all woman kind so we will no longer be offended by the terms.
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