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Originally Posted by london View Post
I didn't say you are the neurotic one but you are putting your relationship before your kid

You said she interrupts your kid's time with their dad. or are you taking that back, now?
I didn't say she was interrupting N's time. I said she was interrupting while he was with me, but I couldn't know about what goes on when I'm at work (5 days a week while G takes care of N). My concern is the interruption of my time with G. With our work schedules, we don't have much time together, so it's frustrating. Still don't see how I'm putting my relationship before N simply because I care about what happens to it. N's healthy, happy, and well loved.

Maybe I wasn't clear in my op about my issue, but it is not and never has been N's time with G. N is almost as bonded with G as she is with me.
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