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Originally Posted by london View Post
No, sorry. Your feelings, relationships and insecurities are irrelevant. You chose to have a baby. You come second
Break up with him, arrange visitation and forget your insignificant issues with romantic relationships
Be a parent, do what is best for your kid, forget what you think you need
So I'm supposed to throw away our relationship because there's a rough patch and we have kids? That's not very good advice. And a new mom's feelings are very important. Anyone who says otherwise has never dealt with post partum depression. I love N more than life, and I love G or N wouldn't even be here. But G told me I was co-primary not secondary and that L was on board with that. I simply need advice on how to deal with this the right way. I don't want bad feelings to fester among us. Obviously, I want what's best for N. Broken hearted parents is not high on the list.
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