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You ever hear of, "I knew I loved you before I met you?"~

I totally believe that is possible, whether you believe me or not will not change the fact that this happens: I regularly have been having 'visions' that feel like 'dreams' that often become true later on, I've even dreamed the death of my brother before it happened, ever since I was very young and as I get older they are happening more and more often, they've even began to appear during my waking hours some time ago, often I can not seem to tell the difference between these 'dreams' and 'vision dreams', I'm not sure there is a difference, but often in these 'dreams' I will and have already met and fell in love many times with different people or they may be the same person at times, I'm not sure, often it is not at all clear and seems all blurry to me.~

But definitely, visions aside, I do believe the in the possibility of "having loved some one even before meeting them" for that can mean so many different things like, "you saw them but never met them", or just met and saw them at the same time and you instantly felt like, "you were coming home." and "any thing is possible".~
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