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Default introduction/ need advice

Placed a rather detailed summary on my situation with a married couple in the introductions thread, and I was wondering if I could gain some opinions and advice on what it is I got myself into, and how to best deal with it. I pasted it below.

My relationship situation is very complicated, as I think I attracted a married couple with their own sexual interests in me, and they are remaining faithful to the others needs in order to get what they want later (from me) without the attendance of their partner. Not sure if I worded that right, but so far in being involved with the both of them I feel more like a sex kitten used for entertainment than someone they view as a person. They have agendas and rules and guidelines with what they can do to me, and they are trying to live them all out, but I feel, and it is pretty obvious, that my needs aren't an interest or even a topic for them. Only recently, after I told the both of them to fcuk off, did the wife finally speak to me of what I like sexually, but again it was only about sex. I came here to learn all about this kind of situation, because I don't think what I am going through is normal or even fair. Currently we are all remaining friends, and for what reason I don't know. Maybe they do value me as a person, and I made it convenient for them to explore their sexualities, but I can't say for sure I know what the hell is actually going on. We are supposed to see each other on new years where I plan to be blatant in my feeling on the matter.
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