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Heh, I know at least one person (in addition to myself) who'd demand to have some kind of beer or hard liquor handy.

Yeah, without a cordial approach, the gang'd probably get disgusted and walk off. By polishing my performance, there's a better chance that they'll take it as a worthy challenge.

Which reminds me, I didn't just intend to make it cordial, I also wanted to spotlight the relatively "Democratic" bent that Francis seems to have, in hopes of getting the dander up of the one conservative person. Everyone can agree that we ought to help the poor, but not everyone will agree about how that should be accomplished.

Should be an interesting conversation if my friends can find the time to post some more responses. (And even if they don't, the responses on help the conversation along, in my mind.)

Interesting that the Pope is (I'm sure) aware of the dwindling interest in the Church with the passing of generations. Brother-Husband (in the V I'm in) was raised Catholic but is no longer interested in following that path. He and Hinge Lady were very active in the Lutheran church for many years but have become disillusioned with that as well. And I have transitioned from a very active Mormon into a very Science-oriented atheist.

I'm sure the LDS church is experiencing some dwindling interest with the passing of generations. So far their answer seems to be to push harder for active members to have more kids. But I'm not sure how long that strategy will last.

As time goes on I think many or most churches (in the U.S. at least) are starting to realize that if they don't adapt to the increasingly progressive social atmosphere (spurred on by the passage of generations), they're going to be preaching to an empty church. Which may be the very reason why Francis was elected Pope. Can't tell for sure.
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