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Ha! The coincidences. I would say that you are far more courageous than I am. I was raised by one LDS parent, in a similar region of the country. We have decided that discussion of religion and politics is essentially off the table.

I will respond to this piece first. "Pope Francis seems to have a specifically Democratic/Left-Wing agenda. He isn't as concerned about which specific actions of humanity are the most grevious, as he is steering the Church away from a generally Republican/Right-Wing mindset."

What I would say is that we in the west may perceive it this way, but the notion that the Pope is somehow filtering his cognitions and informing his world-view through the American political system seems a I don't see it as political as much as trying to adhere to a philosophy that seems to have been in existence through much of his time as a cardinal too - and that's just serving the poor. We just like to call that "socialism" in this country and label it as somehow unpatriotic. So far, he seems a breath of fresh air. won't have me running to church any time soon.
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