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The letters are starting to feel to vague to me... H = Hubby (obvious relationship), B = Boy (ex-boyfriend/FWB), D = Doomed (ex-boyfriend), Y= Yarn (friend/self proclaimed platonic girlfriend), R = Radio, and introducing Lady (hubby's now official girlfriend!) and Brave (Radio's wife).

Christmas ended up being wonderful. Hubby and I were together the entire day with other people coming and going at random.

Boy spent a few hours with us, which was fun and nice. I have missed the rhythm that the three of us have - which mostly involves them being playful and ganging up to tease me then me pretending to have my feelings hurt so they have to come hug me and make me feel better. It's silly and comfortable and nice. On that front, I am realizing I probably have more emotion left for Boy than I thought, but it still hasn't been a problem. I have no desire to have an actual relationship with him. I don't expect anything from him, nor do I want to. Hubby is seeming more comfortable with the whole situation, too, which is really nice.

Lady came over in the afternoon and helped cook and ate dinner with us. It was relaxing and also surprisingly comfortable. Hubby made a joke one time about how we were being nicer to him than expected (we both tease him much like he and boy tease me) but that changed as we got more comfortable with the new dynamic. She is going to be staying with us for a few days next week as she starts moving out of the house she is currently sharing with her ex-partner. THAT will be an interesting test so early in her and hubby's relationship, I think.

Radio and Brave came over later in the evening after Lady had left. We just relaxed, chatted, and listened to music. Radio and I are going to have an entire day together tomorrow, which should be interesting. Brave kind of pushed for it, because she hasn't been feeling well and really needs to focus on getting stuff done - which means Radio needs to be out of the house. It should be fun. We're trying to plan something active, that Brave wouldn't be able to do for health reasons. I think the three of us may go on a group date sometime next week, if timing works out. I don't think she and I will really click romantically, but we get along well as friends and there could be some sexual attraction there if we spend more time together. Either way, I think the date itself will be fun.

Doomed also contacted me on Christmas. He seemed both glad that I am well and enjoying life and rather disappointed that he is no longer a part of it. More than once he told me how fantastic/amazing/wonderful/etc I am with a sad face included... While I enjoy the banter we get going every once in a while during these conversations, they don't really seem to affect me the way they affect him. In other words, they don't really affect me strongly at all while he always seems down for at least a portion of the time. I don't know if it is good for him or not, but I figure it's his decision and his well-being is not my responsibility at all so I'm just going with the flow there.

Yarn and I are going to try to get together soon. She is going to start teaching me to knit! Our interactions are noticeably different, more distant somehow, when we haven't seen each other for a few weeks. Time to make the guys play games so we can catch up, I guess... Not that they'll mind either. haha

So, life feels good again. Getting out of my funk, and really preparing to get out and see more of the world this winter. Last winter was NOT easy on me for a few reasons, so I want to make this one memorable for a much better reason. Wish me luck!
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