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Default Cross topics, Polyamory vs. Polygamy

I came here to read about some Christian views on polyamory and found a lot of people using the term polygamy in this thread. It's a pet peeve of mine when people do this. They are two different words with two different meanings. Maybe they are simple spellchecker errors in this thread, however, I hadn't seen a moderator point this out and thought I would. I have nothing against either poligamists or polyamorist, I just think it's confusing for those who are new to either concept if the terms are intermingled. Now, I am A Christian who believes that God speaks to me through the Holy Ghost that rose up with me when I laid down my sinful body in baptism. I belief that this spirit creates a God consciousness within me that helps me to interpret Gods word both written and spoken. I believe that if God gave me a heart that is capable of abundant love for multiple people then I should let that love flow. Many non-believers study scripture much deeper than many of the hypocritical "blind" believers, and they base their non-belief on the blatant contridictions they find in both scripture and interpretations of scripture. Christians themselves have hundreds of sects and denominations based on their inability to agree on specific details. I say, believe and trust God with your heart and mind, seek truth through text and spoken word. But, let the Holy spirit reveal those truths for you in your heart and then share your experience without judgementally trying to make others conform to your truth, let them find their own, through their loving and trusting relationship with God.
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