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Question Am I polyamorous?

So I used to be a one relationship kinda guy but I think I might have changed a bit. I'm gay and I would always talk/flirt with multiple guys even when I'm still dating. I'm finally in a legit relationship and I'm finding myself wanting to flirt with other guys and go on other dates as well. I'm starting to fall for my boyfriend and still feel this way. I do enjoy 3somes and open relationships. My partner does not like me doing this and equates flirting to cheating (which I have not done out of respect to him). I'm feeling like I want more but I don't even know if I would enjoy a polyamorous relationship, although I'm completely not jealous at all. If my partner cheated on me or flirted with others or even dated someone else it would not bother me a bit besides the std possibility. Do you guys recommend a monogamous relationship? I don't think it'll be easy dumping him and Idk if I can even find someone okay with polyamory if I am poly myself. I'm seeing a therapist about this in a few weeks but Idk.
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