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Iím glad I found this board. After lurking for a while, and now posting myself I have found it to be very helpful! Everyone is very straight forward with their opinions and advice, and they are also kind and respectful about it.

I agree with everything posted so far. Yes! Better safe sex practices for me! (you guys are really driving that one home, donít blame you, but thatís the part I had worked out already hehehe)
I also agree that I can either choose to move forward or dwell on it.
I know my feelings are my own, there isn't really a right or wrong to them, but I wonder if anyone else would feel hurt as I do? (the source of the hurt really being from the broken agreement)
Using protection between us really eliminates this problem on this subject in the future. So thatís a plus. He was honest in the end, and he did apologize. And what more can be done? Sigh, forgive and forget, huh?
I have learned more about myself, others, and relationships in the last six months of poly relationships than I have in 14 years of mono relationshipsÖAnd the biggest thing I've learned about myself is that when I feel hurt by someone, I need to take a big step back and think on things for a while. Iím very good at quick thinking and decision making. Except when Iím hurt. When Iím hurt I make very poor decisions and react very emotionally, often times disproportionately.
Thank you everyone for listening and sharing their thoughts. Itís helped me to pin point somethings.
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