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We have this rule too. The full agreement is that we will use condoms with others but we are open to fluid bonding with people we trust who are on the same page about STD prevention and quick diagnosis. That is something we would discuss in advance of fluid bonding occurring rather than after so any discrepancies can be cleared up.

If my partner faulted on this agreement, there would be a few factors that determined whether we could continue our relationship. One would be whether he had at least checked their STD testing habits. If he had the necessary talks with them but not with me, it might soften the blow.

I do believe in trusting your partner's intentions and partner selection. Having a relationship style that reflects that does leave you at more risk of your partner just kind of going with their feelings and doing something fairly big without consulting you in the same way people in a more couple centric relationship would and that's simply part of endorsing organic relationships. Someone who didn't prove themselves to be worthy of that level of trust wouldn't be a suitable partner for me
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