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I have an OKC date lined up for the weekend, if ex takes the kids. Ex was humming and hawing about it yesterday.
I have been texting and messaging OKC guy on and off for about 8 months, the same time I met Prof and Yo. We never met first time around cause he wanted me to meet him at his place and I said no way. He said he didn't like the coffee meet/interview and wouldn't do that. I said I am not meeting in a non-public place, so we continued to text and message. He has since invited me to 2 activities, which I couldn't attend, so we are past the "my place or nothing" stage. Long past it.
He knows about Prof and Kip, we have discussed open relationships etc. He has weekends free and wants to do his own thing during the week but would like a weekend partner. So the scheduling part fits. He understands that I am a second hand flake, ie. when ex flakes I have to cancel.
I had 2 huge childcare bills for the past few months when ex wasn't picking them up after school and I had to do some before school care too. I have some good friends and a neighbor who help out, but no-one likes doing late nights, that is when I pay for a sitter.
Anyway, it will be nice to get dressed up and meet a new person.
Me: mid 40s female. currently in a monogamous partnership with;
Mr Dom: late 40s. 1 year.
Prof: recently ended open relationship.
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