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Originally Posted by london View Post
A new baby is a time when the people who are going to parent the baby need extra resources from one another. The three of you chose to have babies very close together and that will mean your shared partner will be extremely stretched. It might help if all three adults and the two babies spend time together. The children are siblings anyway and having them bond should be part of the plan, regardless of how the adults feel about each other.

Game changers like marriage, illness, a new baby etc are prime times for revaluation. She might be reconsidering poly or she might be simply wanting the extra support we need from our partners and loved ones at poignant times.

Your partner has to take more onus for creating two children close together. The women both chose to have a baby, he chose to have two. One way he could do that is to make sure each mother has a days worth of supplies before he leaves them.
That's another thing. I got pregnant by accident. I think he got her pregnant on purpose because he knew it would upset her if he and I had a child and they didn't. When he told her I was pregnant and further along she didn't like it.

I buy all of my own supplies, and I never run out. He has purchased one pack of diapers and handed me $50 in 3 months. I don't need his money because I work full time.

I used to love when we would all spend time together, but she complains about J constantly, and when she's not whining about him she's holding N and trying to block me out altogether. Her body language is bad. I don't like when people play games when there are children involved. G is completely oblivious to the bad body language and he enables her complaining.

She had some jealous tendencies before but I guess it was easier to overlook then.

I'm just stressed and I don't know how to talk to G. Our relationship is strained enough without bad blood between L and I.
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