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Originally Posted by InsaneMystic View Post
"Relationship" is just a label. I don't see it as inherently meaning much else than "close friendship" - whatever other details are involved are to be filled by the folks in it, and can and do vary wildly from case to case.
Thank you!

I've been having this conversation about "relationships" with my partner since meeting. I knew up front that he is not ready to live together or anything of that nature. Neither am I. Financially mostly for me, financially and emotionally for him. So that's something we agreed upon up front, but then he started saying he didn't want a relationship. Okay, fine. We'll be those people who just go on a few dates a month, and even though I was very interested in him on an emotional level, I kinda took a couple steps back.

Then he starts telling me how much of a connection he has to me, how awesome I am for him, a bunch of other things.

Finally, I told him "I think our definitions of relationship might be completely different... To me a relationship is having an interest and regular connection with another person on a mental/emotional level. That's it."

To which he responded, "Oh, well then we're in a relationship. To most people it means long-term commitment to just one person."

Just goes to show, communication is key. We could have avoided a lot of awkwardness by having this conversation early on by specifying what was and wasn't meant.
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