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24 year old female from Louisville, KY.
I'm currently in a fairly new relationship with A. He's expressed interest in a poly dynamic, I've explained that I've been there for years, he's still nervous. I guess he's never "seen it done effectively" before. He knows that I have been on dates with other people, and I think is warming up to doing so himself as well.

I'm looking for really just about anything. I'm looking for something short or long term with either a man or woman, I'm not opposed to a couple in theory; but I think that most couples will want something I can't give them at this point. I'm pretty open minded...

That being said, a lady who is open to occasionally hanging out with both A and I would be pretty neat to meet. (No, not a long-term triad thing, just a hey let's all hang out and have fun occasionally thing.)
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