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Originally Posted by jv02vd View Post
I should, perhaps, clarify that this has nothing to do with "hot and steamy". I can see how you got that impression, but to be honest I'm not at all a sexual person.
Ok, well yes, sorry, I was trying to relate your situation to my experience, but the fact remains that fun is fun, but investing time and effort in something like "romance and intimacy. Sleepovers, cuddles, silly poems, mutual emotional support, companionship" and then finding out it can only continue in a monogamous context, just doesn't seem like a good time to a poly person (or at least, this poly person.)

Sounds like you've already made up your mind to give it a shot though. Hope you're ok with just being friends, because I can't see this working for you any other way.

Originally Posted by jv02vd View Post
Right now I don't know what she wants on this level.
In my experience, as a general rule, women don't know what they want. LOL! So who knows. Maybe you can turn her mono. But I doubt it.

Originally Posted by jv02vd View Post
For now I just want to be there for her, to rebuild some of that sense of intimacy and companionship. I know she still trusts me and turns to me for emotional support on occasion, even though we're just friends, so the chord hasn't been entirely severed.
This just sounds like being a good friend to me.

Originally Posted by jv02vd View Post
I do know one thing though - she's worth the effort. I'm going to give it a shot and see how things go.
Well I've always loved cheering for the underdog. I hope things work out, bud!
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