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Worked my butt off to get the place cleaned up after present unwrapping. I got the kids off to their Dad at 10 and cleaned cleaned cleaned. Got all the decorations down and the tree stripped and put in the yard. Kip accused me of being a grinch. I told him I had to do while I had the chance. The decorations and tree have been up for nearly a month. Nice to get it all packed away.
Kip has been in fairly constant contact since he has been away, I don't get it. Maybe his other lady friends are all busy. He got me a lovely pair of 1/2 ct diamond stud earrings. Really gorgeous, I am quite touched. We did our gift exchange a while ago.
Prof presented me with 2 beautifully gift wrapped boxes. I was so excited I opened them last night. I got myself all comfy, made a cup of tea and peeled off the wrapping carefully, opened the lovely white paper to find...A Dr Who sonic screwdriver pen, hmmm ok, box #2, same lovely wrapping, tissue paper and... a plush Dalek. WTF? I was literally looking under the paper for the real gift. Erm no. Then I thought they were meant for the, my name was on the boxes. Blimey. How much thought and effort went into that!He had asked me to send some ideas, which I did, book, knife sharpener, underwear sizes.
He literally just sent me a text asking if I had assembled it ( the sonic screwdriver) , apparently rather impressed by his own gift selection I plan to return it and buy a book. I am not a collector of junk, or treasures or knick knacks. No idea why he would think I would like them. Yes, I should appreciate the thought, fact is I don't think much thought went into it at all. Something hanging up at the check-out stand.
I took myself off to see the Hobbit, very much enjoyed it, much better than the first. Lots of skyping various family. No cooking!!!!!Kids due back in 20 minutes, looking forward to playing more with them. All in all a very pleasant day. Hope you all had a lovely day too.
Me: mid 40s female. currently in a monogamous partnership with;
Mr Dom: late 40s. 1 year.
Prof: recently ended open relationship.

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