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A coworker of mine has been dating a guy for about five months or so and, after the holidays, she will be meeting his parents for the first time. They are Indian and he told her that they asked him if she has "good family values." Because they know he is crazy about her, and that he and my co-worker are both very marriage-minded, I took his parents' question to mean, "Does she value her family connections? Is having a family important to her? Is her family close?" They want to know what kind of chick he's fallen for and whether or not she's suitable for him.

Everyone who knows her knows that she wants to get married and pop out a few babies. She's very close to her family, especially her brother, talks to her parents nearly every day, and travels back home to see them and other relatives as much as she can. Her brother is gay, and she and her parents have totally supported and accepted him. However, he really fucked up his end of an investment he made with his sister and left her holding the bag financially, but she forgave him and never held it against him. As I see it, in her case, the answer is yes - she has family values to the point where she puts her family first before her own needs, in a lot of ways. So, her bf's parents will probably approve of her.

Other than that, I have no idea what the phrase "family values" means, and I really don't care. If I'm feeling dissed by a member of my family, I don't put up with it just because we happen to be related. I either tell them off or sever ties because if someone is toxic, they're toxic, and I don't feel beholden to them for the fact that we're family. Plus, I've always been blissfully child-free by choice. If someone asked me if I have family values, I would ask them to explain what they are trying to know about me. I really don't think I'd pass a test on that!
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