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Originally Posted by EugenePoet View Post
I'm not convinced that cocky, take-charge assertiveness is what women (or other people) want as a dominant trait. Women have told me that a little shyness is charming, that honesty and transparency are appealing, and that "you can't go wrong by being gentle". But maybe that's just reflective of the kind of women I like, I dunno.

How about it, women? What percent mix of assertive, confident, shy, and gentle do you like in a guy?
I like a guy that I feel safe with when walking on a city street late at night because he has the protective instinct and is aware of things going on around us.....often I've even seen evidence that he will spring into action when a threat is present; but when we are relaxed and safe at home, I occasionally want to see his vulnerable side. That is such a major turn on for me!!
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