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All the gifts are wrapped (except the one ordered for GG that hasn't arrived) and under the tree.
Today Maca and I were out in the snow taking sexy, naughty pics. It was cold as FUCK. But it was fun anyway.
Tonight we will put together the new bed for Sour Pea. It's a loft like bed with shelving and cabinets underneath. That will open up more floor space for her room.

We're all doing well. The family is doing ok. There's been a glitch with GG and I for months. It's not a matter of fighting. We aren't fighting (we really don't fight). But there is a distance. His world revolves around his job (even though he would swear otherwise). He left before 7am yesterday and didn't make it home til after 7pm. But it was an "8 hour shift". That's TYPICAL. It's also typical that the weekends-he gets called out. I have given up on having dates with him, personal time, anything really-because he's not available with any amount of predictability.
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