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Taking a break from the raking leaves...
Talked to mum about what is going on. She surprised me by saying but it's an open relationship dear, you can't expect to know what is going on, just because you tell tell them, doesn't mean they need to tell you. You know neither of them is looking for a commitment and neither are you. So why are you surprised by this? I explained my shock at the lying , she didn't think it was lying more being economical with the truth.
Wow mum! Her and Dad are really so conservative, but continue to surprise me with accepting the whole open relationship/poly thing. I have always been the slightly odd one out of the kids, probably not much left I could shock them with. I might keep the kinky side quiet though
One of my other friends had the same opinion. She is 65 and has seen more than a few things in her time. She thought it was an open relationship and they a free to do whatever they like. as am I. Pretty much the same as mum, just cause I tell all doesn't mean they have to. Why would I be surprised they are dating and not telling me, direct questioning or not.
I thought both of them would say dump the gits.
Friend M was more; use condoms and go with it until it doesn't work for you anymore. Apart from this hiccough, they both both have been quiet good partners.
Mum was; continue until something better comes along. MUM!!!!!!!!! or break it off if you feel you need to.
I was expecting a bit more commiserating and man bashing. They both pointed out that I am not looking for a full-time boyfriend type situation and tend to go a running when one presents itself. So quit complaining!
More food for thought...
Me: mid 40s female. currently in a monogamous partnership with;
Mr Dom: late 40s. 1 year.
Prof: recently ended open relationship.
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