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I bumped into Prof yesterday, he was walking on the street, nice bit of coincidence as he had a bag of presents for me. He was planning to leave them on the doorstep as I was out and about and that saved him a trip.
He had already cancelled Wednesday by text as he will be out of town and said he hopes to see me sometime next week. Gives him more time to contact Me.2. He explicitly said he is looking for a kink partner and great sex.

I told Kip I was back on OKC, he was slightly miffed. Doesn't want my dating to take anytime away from him, he is my "priority". He is setting up a lunch date with Me.2, lots of naked pics and questions about sex.

Neither of them have actually asked Me.2 what is my name or what I do for a living, nothing that I have had to lie about. It is all about them, what they are looking for and what they have to offer, same things they promised me in the beginning.

The Me.2 experiment( not that it was meant to be) has been very eye opening. They are spinning the same lines that they gave me when we met. Available time, both have plenty, willingness to travel and have weekends away, understanding partners, drama free, Prof apparently has a few short rules, no mention of 2 pages or veto.

I am stopping the Me.2 correspondence, it was very stupid to do it in the first place, I am sinking to their level, but it has been an opportunity to see that I fell for the the lines and they are good at spinning them. It wasn't just me seeing and hearing what I thought I wanted to see and hear, they both presented themselves as much more available and honest than they actually are.

So 2 weeks or so till the 4 way. Kip has said he will pick up all of the hotel bill so I can have the room to myself afterwards. He wants me to have a nice treat. I had put together a list of possibilities and emailed it to him, so the king suite with balcony and view it is! I was touched at the gesture, despite the lying, he has always been very sweet and generous.

I still don't really understand the need for deceit, excitement and validation are my current guesses. Is it thrilling to think he is getting one, two, three over on me? Doesn't really matter at this point.

I have been reading the forums on communicating after boundary and rule breaks. One part of me thinks I should tell Kip that I know everything and re-set the rules to "Do what you like, share if you want," and we are back to condoms. I like a label, what would that be then, FBs? I still feel polyish. I want loving connections with my partners. I thought I had that. I was told I had that. Are my expectations of disclosure too demanding? Was it not my place to ask to be kept in the loop about their other sex partners? I keep coming back to; if they didn't want to tell me then they should have told me they didn't want to disclose, and let me decide if I wanted to be in FB type relationship. Could it be they would tell me anything just to keep the sex?????? Noooooooo, much sarcasm.
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